About Us

We're a Ruby-on-Rails development company with over 150 engineers and a million man hours of experience. Quality is our middle name. Come to us with a need and we'll build you a great app.

Our Company

MobileFactory is a unit of Sedin Technologies - RailsFactory, which provides quality web application development services since 2006. MobileFactory is one of the India's leading Mobile Application Development Company. We are deft and experienced in providing our clients with high quality solutions. Our strong focus is on mobile application development, mobile usability and testing. We are adept in enhancing the functionality, usability and performance of mobile solutions and products. MobileFactory's constant focus on catering to the customer needs and our agile methodologies has helped us in empowering our customers with quality products at minimal cost.

MobileFactory has been pioneering the outsourcing model in Software Testing by virtue of its insightful knowledge and domain expertise in Mobile App Agile world, Strong Core Management and Test Delivery Facilities. MobileFactory provides comprehensive testing capabilities including Manual and Automated Software Testing, using the latest and automated testing tools and software test automation best practices.

Our Values

  • We, at MobileFactory, strongly believe in integrity, enthusiasm and zeal to lead. We keep suggesting creative and innovative ways to improve the products and efficiency in the business
  • MobileFactory is completely Customer-centric. Our customers are always highly valued.
  • We pride ourselves in giving our customers a downright delight and satisfaction of the developed product without compromising the quality.
  • MobileFactory never hesitates in bestowing our clients with an extra-mile service.
  • Each one of us have to make choices and decisions that directly affect the way we experience each other and the way our clients experience us - We thrive to do this every day.